About Mora

Mora searches the world for modern jewelry that reflects your individuality and captures your heart. Each piece we offer is a little work of art presented in a vibrant boutique that celebrates Asheville’s independent spirit. Visitors to Mora often say they’ve never seen jewelry like this before, and that Mora is the jewelry store they’ve always dreamed about—we hope you agree!

Our stock includes jewelry made by hand using traditional metalworking techniques as well as pieces produced through the latest technologies. A perfectly polished gem set in precious metal sits next to captivating earrings fashioned from 3D-printed plastic. What ties together this eclectic collection is Mora’s devotion to outstanding and unconventional design.

Mora offers a completely new way to experience jewelry. We are passionate about jewelry that is creative, original, and intriguing. We are experts in the field of jewelry and love sharing our knowledge with you. We believe in our designers and support their creative careers. We work hard for our customers, helping them discover the jewelers and connect with the jewelry that will enrich their lives as well as their wardrobes.

Welcome to Mora! We hope to meet you soon.

About Marthe Le Van, Curator

I’m a contemporary jewelry evangelist with a burning desire to transform how the world adorns itself. There is more fascinating, fashion-forward, and totally wearable modern jewelry being made today than ever before, yet little of this abundance surfaces in the mainstream. My mission is to change all this—Vive la Revolution!

My jewelry passion began in the humid bayous of south Louisiana. Like any punk-rock debutante coming of age in the new-wave 1980s, I had a lust for dressing up, and not just with rubber bangles and Madonna rosaries but vintage brooches and pearls, too.

My jewelry career began as an editor for Lark Books, where I had the pleasure to work with American jewelry legend Robert Ebendorf on a book called 1000 Rings. Ten years later, I had more than 50 books to my credit, a stellar network of international jewelry artists, and my purpose in life was clear.

The advent of Mora in 2012 brought a new dimension to my work, one I didn’t even know was missing. Through the incredible artists who allow me to tell their stories and show and sell their jewelry, I receive the intense pleasure of making people happy every single day.